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What does a typical day look like in Yoga Teacher Training?

Every day is different in your YTT, but in a typical day you can expect a mix of practicing yoga asanas (poses), a few hours of lecture, lots of group activities, opportunities to practice teaching, and large group discussions.

Do I need to be an advanced yoga practitioner to take this training?

Not at all! While a dedicated practice is recommended, you don't need to be able to perform complex poses to be a yoga teacher. Many people become yoga teachers to teach prenatal yoga, senior yoga, or yoga to a variety of populations that don't require advanced physical postures. We teach you everything you need to start your journey, no matter where it leads. 

What happens if I need to miss a day or two?

If you miss a day of training, we can work with you to make up the time that you missed. If you have to miss more time than that, we will work with you to find a spot in our next session. Please intend on making yourself available for the entirety of the session.

Do I need to become a yoga teacher when I am finished with this course?

While we give you everything you need to become a teacher, you don't need to become a yoga teacher when you finish. Lots of people take yoga teacher training to better understand their yoga practice, experience personal growth or decide if they want to become a teacher.

Can I park on site? Is there transit? Bike racks?

Yes, yes and yes. Big Bliss offers free on-site parking, is across the street from ION and bus stops and there is a spot to chain up your bike, or simply bring it into the studio for safe keeping.

Can I split my payments into smaller segments over a longer period of time?

YES! We want to make this training as accessible  as we can and that means working with you to find the best payment option. Email us to get started. 

I have other questions!

We love your enthusiasm :) We are always open to chat in person, over email, or over the phone. You can email us to arrange a call or meeting, or just for any additional questions you have. We are here and happy to help!

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